Welcome to BOLD (Beyond Ordinary Leadership Development), an initiative where your courage, commitment, and craving for growth catapult into action.

Dive into Arizona this April 11-12 for the explosive launch of Beyond Ordinary Leadership Development (BOLD™) + Hustle 2.0’s Business Coaching in prison! Secure your spot in this unprecedented event. Ready to shape history? Let’s ignite change together!

BOLD: The Inaugural Event (April 11)

  • BOLD stands for “Beyond Ordinary Leadership Development.” It ain’t just any leadership program – it’s a groundbreaking adventure designed for the brave souls in corrections, other law enforcement, and the military. 
  • Imagine this: 100 officers, bursting with potential, and YOU, unlocking their leadership superpowers. We’re talking one-on-one mentoring to help people reconnect with their “why” and strive for more.
  • And because we believe in mixing serious impact with serious fun, brace yourself for competitive team-building games and an epic lip sync battle that’ll have you questioning everything you thought you knew about law enforcement. Yes, you read that right!

ABOUT HUSTLE 2.0’s EVENT (April 12)

  • The adventure continues at the Globe Prison Complex in Arizona, where you’ll mentor 100 incarcerated Mavericks. Picture a Shark Tank-style pitch competition, where you’ll join a panel of fellow entrepreneurs to reward Mavericks with the best business and employment pitches. Mentor and empower Mavericks, and be inspired by their resilience, empathy, and ability to reinvent themselves.
  • Who’s Coming? Hustle 2.0 connects CEOs, philanthropists, and top business leaders with ~100 deeply motivated incarcerated program participants (“Mavericks”) dedicated to transforming their lives, hustle, and environment. This is a special opportunity to combine philanthropy, creativity, and the power to effect positive change in an unexpectedly uplifting and rewarding environment.
  • What else is going on? After prison on April 12, dine and network at Apache Prime Steakhouse with Hustle 2.0’s influential Business Coaches and celebrate the difference we made together!