Women’s Forum Global Meeting 2023 (28-29 November)

The 18th annual Women’s Forum Global Meeting will take place on 28-29 November 2023 in Paris at the Palais Brongniart, France. The Women’s Forum will engage the community of leaders and change makers on gender issues of our world.
Under the theme Change education, Educate for change we will prioritize the “HOW”: How can education be transformed to better address global challenges and prepare learners to actively contribute to positive change?

EVPA Impact week Torino 2023 (22-24 November)


EVPA Impact Week is a unique opportunity for the global community of investing for impact changemakers to encounter cutting-edge ideas, discover new trends and engage with partners, old and new, to maximise their impact for people and the planet.

Soirée s’envol ACT’iCE

Depuis 4 ans maintenant, le programme Act’ice accompagne chaque année une promotion de porteurs de projets du secteur Justice/Prison. Le programme les outille dans la structuration, le développement et la pérennisation de leurs actions, qui ont pour point commun d’œuvrer à une meilleure inclusion des personnes placées sous main de justice dans la société.

Economic reinsertion as a remedy for high recidivism?

Recidivism is an endemic plague to the prison system, and a costly one. Every day, a single inmate costs on average 106€ of taxpayers money, totaling 36 500€ per year(1). On the other hand, about 59% of young inmates would go back to prison at a certain point in time(2): prisons are increasingly becoming checkpoints of a vicious cycle. However, a successful integration back to society is indeed possible, and jails are pivotal to ensure that it happens.